Mobile Fees/Price Estimates

While each pet presents different circumstances, you will find our pricing competitive with local shop prices with a premium added to cover the costs of providing you with our unique, personalized service. Each pet is bid on an individual basis and is based on standard shop prices in the area. Pets that have not been groomed for extended periods of time, those with special needs (such as senior pets), or are experiencing behavior problems take extra time and labor, and additional charges may apply. Our focus is quality, not quantity. Every pet deserves our full attention.

Our Dog Grooming Services

Each Full Groom Includes

  • Bath With Non Toxic Herbal And Essential Oil Soaps
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning & Plucking
  • Brush Out / Trim Or Clip
  • De-Matting (Extra Service, Charges Apply)
  • Hand Blow-Drying
  • Plum Facial
  • Breed Trim (As Discussed With Owner)
  • Anal Glands (Extra Service, Upon Request)
  • De-Shed Treatment (Double Coated Dogs Only)
  • Nail Dremel
  • Dental Clean (Extra Service, Upon Request)

About Our Process

Every service with Pampered Pets Parlor Mobile Grooming is done by hand. Brushing, combing, drying, and styling. Your pet is never placed in a cage, exposed to any other animals, or sedated. The process is completed from beginning to end without interruption! We also give your dog a few moments outside to relieve themselves before coming back inside. For further information about our dog grooming mobile service, call (970) 779-0706.